About Us

The founding members of this initiative is a group of like-minded industry professional and educators who all are ambitious in advancement and recognition of science and technology and have a track record of supporting similar initiatives for past several years.

Our Mission

The mission of STARfAll is to inspire young people in Pakistan to be science and technology leaders by providing them a fun filled and sports like platform to inculcate a sense of future technologies among them; foster well-rounded life capabilities including self-confidence, communication, and leadership.


  • Rehan Ahmad - Founder
  • Qamar Iqbal - Co Founder
  • Nadeem Hassan - Co Founder


  • Dr. Fakhar Lodhi
    - Patron-in-Chief, STAR Pakistan
    - Program Director, FLL Program - Pakistan
  • Mr. Ahmad Javad Noor - President, STAR Pakistan
  • Mr. Syed Imran Ali - General Secretary, STAR Pakistan
  • Mr. Zohair Mohsin - Vice President Finance, STAR Pakistan
  • Dr. Umar Suleman - Vice President Education, STAR Pakistan
  • Mr. Affan Hassan Khan - Vice President Partners Relationship, STAR Pakistan
  • Mr. Absar-ul-Haq - Vice President Events Management, STAR Pakistan
  • Mr. Mohammad Hassan Raza - Secretary Operations and Teams Contact, STAR Pakistan

Special Recognitions

STARfALL would like to recognize following individuals for their generosity and in-kind contribution towards the Pilot Year event held at LUMS on June 2nd 2012.

  • Mr. Khurram Iqbal
  • Mr. Affan Hassan Khan Lodhi
  • Mr. Afaque Ahmed and Mr. Yasin Altaf of Robotics Labs
  • Mr. Fariduddin Sabri of Sabri Group